Consultation from Olvir


If you want to know your future relationship after marriage in advance, ask for an Olvir consultation.

Be careful during romantic meetings. You will lose years of life and everything will have to start over with the other partner.

1. Helps you understand your inner feelings. And what your partner thinks of you.
2. Tell yourself what your partner really feels for you.
3. How will your relationship change if you decide to get married.

If you are registered on the search site, the cost of your consultation - 4 euros. If not registered - 8 Euro

It is nothing to compare your lost time, your feelings and your unfulfilled hopes. Because a lot of time will pass.

And you will understand that you could already know all of this in advance.

An example of a short consultation:


You write the exact dates of birth: Female - 02 May 1965, Male - 16 December 1954

Answer: There is no feeling of love between a man and a woman.

Note: a woman thinks she likes it. But it is only a physical attraction. The man is very cold and indifferent. If he says he likes, it is not true. Because for him, the main thing is to achieve physical intimacy. After that, the woman will no longer interest him.

Positive: interests in life and philosophy of life - coincide. It's good.

Be careful: talk about the same thing often, but in different languages, each of you does not understand what the other is saying. This is the cause of your debate and your mutual misunderstanding.

How to spend free time, where to go to relax - desires do not match. Very different characters.

Marriage is not highly recommended. If the marriage is registered, it will quickly become clear that living together will be very difficult.

The consultation request procedure:


1. Choose the type of communication: site message, e-mail, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, instant messaging on facebook.

2. Ask Olvir a question, give the exact dates of birth.

3. Indicate your identification number on the site, if you have already registered.

4. Agree on a method of payment.

5. After receipt of payment, you will receive a response to your request for a relationship with this pair within 24 hours.

6. If there are other issues, they are also discussed.