It is impossible to find a soul mate yourself.

The extraterrestrial half is uncomfortable shoes.

   Divide many apples in half

    Mix them up ... and there are billions of these halves among people.

     Now try to bring the two halves together. Everyone lives like this in their family

     They must find each other.

Remember the history of mankind: no one has succeeded yet.

LAW Olvir: "The soul of each person is constantly in search of his soul mate. It does not depend on the wishes of the person. It does not depend on his conscience, his age and his marital status."


    The soul feels a resemblance, it attracts.  There is a feeling: this person I love.


     More likes - more attraction. For the moment, the human soul decides that it is its own half.



  If he sees that they are different, he no longer likes (red)
                                                             That's all. The soul is disappointed and no longer loves. She continues to search. There are several reasons for this. But the real reason is hidden from human 

    And after the registration of the marriage, the relationship is destroyed under ZERO.
                                     Already in family life, all that is good is destroyed, which contributed to the decision to marry. And only the negative remains. And it's hard to live with. Such "love" disappears over time.

         During the romantic period of meetings our only goal is to reach that person. We play relationships. We control ourselves. We try to be on the best side. We do everything to please. So we hide our essence. In this case, love is the desire for possession on the physical plane. 

         After family registration of marriage we already have no goal. We start to become ourselves. We are no longer in control. We are already what we really are.

         The behavior of a person in his family is a process hidden from the person himself, uncontrollable and unconscious by himself.

        It is the biofield of husband and wife that affect each other.

        "How it is done - the human soul is surprised - I haven't noticed it before, it's a completely different person!"
        And the soul - it is principled and categorical. She begins to be disappointed. Love goes away.